coldwater coincidence???

I get really skeptical when someone starts talking about secret codes in the Bible and the significance of numbers here and there, etc. I’m not the kind of person that ‘looks for signs’ all the time. But there were a number of things that we came across in the course of coldwater that some may call ‘coincidence’ and some may call God at work verifying what He was doing… Here’s a list, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide: God or coincidence?

– Biblical numbers (12 team members on Monday/7 for the week)

– We drew 144 miles the first day. At mile 144, we found Grant, NE – which happens to have a sign next to the railroad that simply says “GRANT 144”.
– We drew 257 miles on Wednesday, which led us to Fairmont, where there is a mile marker 257.
– One team member stated before leaving that He wanted to see a day where God just provided everything… How ’bout free tent space and 3 free meals!
– Meeting a kid at the Grant pool who used to live in Scottsbluff.
– Landing in a town where Greg had worked (actually after spending the week traveling, this may just be a product of Greg working everywhere!)
– Finding an “Andrews” grave marker as we turned around in a little cemetery (good reminder – we’ll all be there someday!)
– New Life’s church sign echoing my earlier message to the students: “Listen for God to speak to you.” (Hope you guys finish what’s being started there Vince…)
– Andrew throwing up dog biscuit at the gas station (Ok, it probably wasn’t a coincidence or God working, but it’s just so fun to mention!)
I’m sure there were more that I’m not thinking of right now. Help me out guys, what did I miss? (Click on ‘comment’ and add your thoughts..)

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