Camp Monday

First day of high school camp is in full swing. The campers are building some benches and picnic tables for the camp, so I had a couple minutes to jump on here and say hi. We drove in last night, having an uneventful drive and got settled into the cabins. Actually the girls settled into a lodge and the guys shoehorned themselves into a cabin that would be great for half of us.

After staying up talking too early this morning, I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. 1 snorer, 1 kid moaning like he just got smacked in the head with a pylon, and one nameless sleepwalker screaming “I said I’m coming.” as he headed for the door at 3 AM then calmly being talked back into bed by me… And he completely remembered it this morning! Fun stuff.

Several weeks ago, I assured my cross country runner that she’d still be able to run this week if she came to camp. Gotta be ready when the season starts and you don’t want to take a week off… I get it. So…

“I’ll run with you.”

Man I’m an idiot. The first hill was a killer. It was the only hill, but the problem is you don’t realize as you’re driving into camp, how much elevation you’re losing. So as we ran back toward the highway, we went up hill for about 12 minutes, then turned around and came back over the same route in 8.

Should make for a good nap this afternoon… yeah right. Just hope my lungs are recovered by tonight when I lead music!

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  1. Glad to see the sleep walker has moved up to high school. I’m sure he’ll be replaced with someone else though. Tell Ashley that if she wants to really do well, she needs to go a little longer than 20 minutes. Praying you have a great week.

    In His Service,

  2. I’ll have to ask Ashley if she had to go easy on you. She’d definitely have to go easy on me! You’ll have to check out your route on MapMyRun (you can map by satellite and estimate distance accurately), then you’ll know your pace.

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