More Locals…

A couple more friends have recently jumped into the blogwaters. Here are their links.

Matt is blogging at Snyder’s Space as he’s working as a youth ministry intern in Cheyenne.

Michele has started One of the Remnant with some great thoughts regarding one of my recent favorite verses.

I remember my first post. It was about hope – and was very short. It seemed weird to be putting my thoughts out where everyone could see them. Seemed strange to say “I blog” or should it be “I have a blog”? “I’m a blogger…”? Will it matter? Who will see it? Do I really want people to see it?

Like Michele says in her post, I found I had something to say. Sometimes, I’ve said it well. Other times, not so much. But blogging has been an interesting exercise (though if I’m going to call it that, I should probably do it much more regularly) that has stretched my thinking and connected me with people I’d never contact otherwise.

I hope my blogging friends will find their own online ventures as fruitful.

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