Evidence that God has a sense of humor…

After posting yesterday about the ineffictiveness of cold-call evangelism – this morning at a garage sale I was given a tract by a nice elderly gentleman asking “where will you go if you die tonight” and quoting Joseph Stalin to tell me why I should honor my country. (Though I suspect something’s been lost in translation because some of the language was very un-Stalin-esque.)

Later this morning, some a kind group of ladies from the Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door and gave me a sheet of paper telling me how I can be ready for the end of the world – and to invite me to a JW conference in Loveland. It’s held at the Budweiser Arena… umm… yeah.

Heading out now for the Gering Arts Festival. Lots of crowds, so I’m hoping for the stranger danger trifecta!.

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