Roadside Cleanup

Last night about a dozen of us went out and cleaned up trash on the roadside. We were assigned a stretch of road that actually includes the area right out in front of the church property, so that was pretty convenient. It’s a funny thing, picking up someone else’s trash.

I didn’t make the mess…
It’s not my responsibility…
No one picks up after me…
I’m challenging our students to look for practical ways to be useful in the community. It’s not enough for us to just say that Jesus cares about people. We have to show them that we care. In the stretch of road that we covered we picked up a whole bunch of evidence that people don’t care. People don’t care what the community looks like – so they throw their garbage out the car window. There are so many other ways that people say they don’t care about each other, about God, about even themselves.
To a world that doesn’t care about anything, what does it say when the church says “We care.”?

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