A Statement of Intent

Several years ago, I had my first marathon running experience. It hurt. The first half was great – the second half felt like bone on bone every step. Since running my marathon, I have run pretty sporadically, but known that I would eventually take up the running torch again. It seems that one thing or another always seems to derail my efforts, though. A couple weeks ago a softball strain derailed the uptake a little bit, which may make me seem very old and maybe even a little decrepit, but I am making a statement here and now that I am going to run another marathon. There, now it’s public. I have to.

Now where are my shoes?

4 Replies to “A Statement of Intent”

  1. Disclaimer: This short writing is meant to be comical and is in no way meant to displease, or make fun of old, decrepit people!

    Mike, one of the things God “gifted” us with, is the ability to forget things. However, forgetfulness is not always a gift. It can be very tiresome and nuisance-causing. Therefore, I will give you this piece of advice. (Yes, advice from your little brother) YOU ARE OLD, YOU ARE DECREPIT! You cannot do the things like you used to be able to do, like you used to be able to do them! God also gifted us with wisdom. Unfortunately, sometimes that wisdom has to be learned from “learning experiences. (Sometimes wisdom can also be painful in the form of a fat lip or shin splints that hurt for weeks). Again, see my advice! Use your wisdom, to know when to use forgetfullness, and when not too. See advice again!
    Marathon? Are you nuts?

    Just thought this would be funny to post here, I thought it was, so it’s worth it. Hope you find enjoyment in it too. If not, your probably too old! 🙂 Bye

  2. Now, I will go against my own advice, (sometimes ya just don’t learn), (Dad still hasn’t) and publically challenge YOU to more than a marathon. And anyone else whom would be interested and able! A mountain hike. Just a little one! LOL

    You will only be allowed to bring what you can carry with you, in a normal size backpack, and of course a canteen for water. It will probably take a couple days, maybe three. Scared? 🙂

  3. It’s good to see that you have not learned that you cannot dissuade me from my intent by telling me I can’t do something. I may be a few years ahead of you in the old and decrepit department (though the last one may be argued), but I’m also stubborn.

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