A Story in Progress…

A couple months ago, I made this video to talk about the vision for our student ministry. I used a song from The Glorious Unseen as background music, but when I put the video on facebook it got dumped for copyright violation.
I did some checking and learned that there really was no violation, but fb never responded to my contesting of the violation. The process, though, led me to e-mail Ben Crist, the writer of the song and lead singer of the band. I figured, hey, it’s his song – if he doesn’t want me to use it, I won’t.
He was fine with me using it though, and in e-mailing back and forth he mentioned playing here sometime. I found out that they will be in Denver in August, so I asked if they may be able to come here after Heavenfest (where they’ll be playing).

Just got an e-mail from Ben today that we’re trying to work out everything to bring them here on the Sunday right after the festival. This would be awesome, and would let us have a worship concert with them that night as a send off for coldwater, a mission trip I’ll be leading some students on this summer. I’m excited about this confluence of events a week into August. The week following August 8th could have HUGE implications for the future of this ministry. coldwater will be unlike anything else we’ve ever done, and has the potential to lead us to seek the heart of God more deeply than we ever have before. Please be praying that God would lead as we spend the summer gearing up for coldwater.

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