Actions Speak Loudly

Paul had some pretty serious mettle to say what he said in 1 Cor. 11:1.  After dealing with some pretty touchy issues that had to do with actions that may be offensive to somebody, he said “Follow my examply…  Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.”  The only way he could say that is that he knew he was living like Christ.

A recent article from Francis Chan has some great, challenging thoughts along these lines.  Go read the whole article, but here’s a quote that stood out to me: “Let’s make a personal decision to stop talking so much and begin living like Jesus.”  What does it mean to “live like Jesus” in our world today?  The way we answer this question is more than critical to the future of humanity.
Have we forgotten that the very essence of discipleship is to become like the leader?  Our culture allows for us to look like ‘good Christian people’ without actually living very much like Jesus at all.  Are we really ok with that?
We like to think it would sound arrogant to tell someone to “Imitate me.”  We don’t say it because we don’t want to sound prideful.  There’s a difference, however, between arrogance and a confidence that is born of grace and humility.  I can take no credit for what I am.  The very air I breathe is a gift from God.  Am I doing all I can to use that gift to become more like Him?  The truth is, it’s probably not a fear of sounding arrogant that keeps us from making the call to be like us – it’s just easier to say “Do as I say, not as I do.”
May the people you’re with today see Jesus.

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