There is still a lot to process and I don’t have time since I’m leaving tonight to head to California for Catalyst West Coast, but let’s just say right now for the record that the weekend of Spring Thing was awesome.

Rain, flood, and frozen paint!
Tech issues
2:00 AM Wal-Mart Run

The weekend wasn’t smooth or polished, but God was all over it – moving His people further into His action.

“And if you’re not getting this call into God’s action – Don’t come back.” (I gotta check the file for the exact quote, but that was pretty much it & it was pretty much awesome.) One Time Blind did a great job – from the construction call to the top of the Bluff, it was awesome getting to know you guys.

Mike Sander and the band from Norton did a great job going beyond playing music into leading worship. It was a gift to have you guys with us. Mike, if you ever want to start Mike&Mike’s Traveling Improv Show – I want my name on the playbill! That was way too much fun (anyone have video?).

Ok, checked the quote from Kat. Read it, then go to work.
“If you’re still able to get up and come here and be here; then God has amazing things for you. If you’re not teaching someone… why aren’t you? If you leave here today and you are not doing something, if you are not called to action – then don’t come back.”

Why else would we?

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