Deeper Than Teacups

It was really good this morning to hear Kyron (my youth minister in Jr. High) speak. Partially, it was just good to see him and his wife again, but also, what he talked about is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It’s one thing to pray on behalf of someone who’s filled out a request card – it’s another thing to pray with someone who’s just poured out their need to us (or had them exposed despite their efforts to appear to be well). Kyron talked about the thought of us carrying the light of God to dark places by praying with people who are hurting.

A couple days ago, I finished reading Red Moon Rising, the story of the beginnings of the current 24-7 prayer movement (which is an echo of Celtic and Moravian prayer movements in their own days). The book shares the story of a bunch of people around the world coming into a desire to pray light into dark places. They’ve started prayer rooms that are covering the globe in prayer 24 hours a day, and going out into the world to love people like Jesus does.

I wonder, if the church really is as shallow as pop culture seems to perceive her, is that largely due to being out of rhythm with the heartbeat of God? Can we learn to pray in ways that lead us to rediscover the depth of His love for humanity? What will be the cost – and will we be willing to sacrifice?

I have a ton of questions churning within me about praying. I’m convinced that a lot of what currently passes as prayer is only scratching the surface of what God desires. I’m convicted that I personally have often relegated prayer to something other than my expression of total dependence on God. But I don’t have a lot of answers.

I talked with my small group and with my students and a few other people about the idea of a 24-7 prayer room. What would it look like to do something like that in our valley? I even went and looked at a building that is for rent downtown that would work out pretty well. Is it in the budget? I don’t know… What will the other leaders of the church think about this idea? We’ll see… Will people actually sign on to this idea and come to pray for an hour to ‘staff’ the prayer room? I don’t know that either… But I do know that in the past few weeks God has been fanning a flame within me that has a lot to do with praying creatively and missionally and leading others to deeper streams of prayer than the teacups we’ve settled for.

I’d really appreciate your prayers as I continue to process through all of this and find the way forward.

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