Mission Critical

–I’m posting next month’s newsletter article here before the actual newsletter goes out. So, that kind of makes this an advanced/pre-release copy you’re reading. Feel special.–
Sunday morning worship, Sunday school, small groups, Wee Ones, ladies groups, seasonal choirs, men’s retreats, women’s retreats, ski retreats, Noah’s Park, Jr. high trips, high school trips, camps, VBS, mission trips, girls trip, vision meeting, WOW, youth group, children’s ministry, nursery… Sounds like quite a club – there’s a lot going on around here!

But Jesus didn’t die to form a club. He has called us to be a people of action, not merely activity. Being like Jesus means meeting needs, not just attending meetings. The world cannot afford for the church to be like the priest who was so caught up in his own religious duties or personal life that he “passed by on the other side” when a man needed his help so badly.

The flurry of activities involved in being a part of the church can become a distraction if we let it. If I don’t pay attention to God’s vision for my life and remain constantly aware of His mission to redeem His Creation, I can be lulled into the deep sleep of routine.

Satan tricks us with a lie that says, “Just be faithful in attendance and you’ll grow spiritually – and that’s what matters.” But simply showing up doesn’t mean I’m doing anything useful for the Kingdom – I may just be growing spiritually fat. What matters is Jesus – am I living my life like Him? Do people see Him when they see me? When they bump into Mike, do they notice that they’re loved by the Maker?

If you haven’t lately, take some time out from everything else and ask God to remind you of His mission in your life. Ask Him for His vision of who you are…

Then be still.


Know that He is God.

Then (and only then)… pick up the tools He’s given you and go to work for His mission.

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  1. I think I will soon be making an announcement saying – WHATEVER MIKE SAYS… THE SAME GOES FOR ME!

    Yesterday, we picked up a friend at Starbucks, drove to a hospital to see a friend from our Heartland communion group, then went to feed the homeless where we met two more Zach’s House friends. We served. I was blessed with being asked to help with the dishes afterwards, my nine-year old son helped me too.

    After that, we went upstairs to the immaculate sanctuary and had a small group prayer about serving others.

    It was back to Starbucks (26 miles in our rattletrap) and then to the other side of Dallas another 20 miles to see a friend whose brother had just died suddenly. We made it to the visitation with 5 min. to spare.

    The point…. we got to do what Jesus calls us to do without stepping foot into an official worship service and getting a check mark by our name.

    Amen Mike to a great newsletter. The mission is indeed critical.

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