Leadership Frustration

Andy Stanley ends his book, Making Vision Stick, with this quote:
“If you are consumed with the tension between what is and what could be… if you find yourself emotionally involved… frustrated… brokenhearted… maybe even angry about the way things are… if you believe that God is behind your anguish… then chances are you are on the brink of something divine, something too important to abandon.”

This was very timely for me to read yesterday, and the thought has been bouncing around my cardio-cranial edges all day. I am consumed with the tension he’s speaking of… I am frustrated with what is and the comfortable satisfaction therein… I am brokenhearted for those who will never know what could be because my/our comfort has robbed them of us sharing the hope we have… I’m even angry at systems and complacency that keep thing the way they are…

The question then, is whether it is God behind my anguish, or only me? I wonder sometimes if I’m the only one so frustrated… and if so, then what?

I don’t think I’m alone… so, now what?

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  1. You’re not alone because I think I feel the same way. The hard part for me is trying to decide if it is me as well or if God is pushing me in a certain direction. Lately, I think God is trying to get me to stretch and grow and to reach out and try to get others to do the same but I feel I’m still trying to figure out exactly what He wants me to do and how. I suppose it’s a start, but I wish I had more definitive answers to my questions!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Great post. Is the anquish we feel pointed at the traditional leaders of the church today? If so, take soalce in knowing that Jesus felt the same thing. Not your church specifically, but church in general. Hey, there would be no new church plants, or no reformation or no restoration if people did not obtain a bit of anguish now and then with the status quo. Stop me if I’m putting any words in your mouth. These are just my thoughts.

    One thing I know has to change is the attractional model of church. We should be incarnational not attractional. Anyone can read THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME by Alan Frost and Michael Hirsch to find out more.

    Sorry to rant,

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