“They Like Jesus, But Not the Church”

My second read of the year was Dan Kimball’s They Like Jesus, But Not the Church. Kimball shares some conversations with people he knows who seem to be open to Jesus, but very closed to the church – and shares their common perceptions and misgivings of the church. One thing I really liked about the book is that he doesn’t just point out a bunch of problems with the church. He doesn’t just criticize. He offers real hope that perceptions can be changed where the church honestly reflects the reality of Jesus’ character. I loved the stories he shared of people opening up when they discovered people in the church who didn’t fit the caricature they’d bought into. It’s amazing how people respond when they see the real Jesus in His people.

One of the most challenging aspects of the book is Kimball’s desire to get Christian leaders “out of the bubble”. I must admit, I spend a lot more time in my office than in the world.

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  1. I loved this book. We’re now working through it with our entire church staff which adds for a whole new level of conversation because we’re an older church with very few 18-35 year olds. So we’re trying to ask ourselves pertinent questions as to how we can connect with the…and if we even can.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Great book. Now I can see where any anguish comes from. This book is thought provoking.

    As for church offices, they shouldn’t be banned, just relocated a couple days a week to a bowling alley restaurant, a Starbucks, the lobby of a local hospital, etc. etc. etc. That’s when you’ll easily meet so much of the world that likes Jesus but doesn’t like religon or church.

    Praise God you’re doing some great reading.

    Great blog by the way, sorry I didn’t mention that earlier.


  3. Thanks Brian, from what I’ve seen on your site, you’re right in the middle of this issue.

    My prayer is that the church would reflect Jesus so clearly that people will be able to see more of him that the religious stereotype that they/we don’t like.

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