An Echoing Trinity

About 5 years ago, in a fit of creative hopes, I bought myself a cheap beginner set of acrylics, wanting to learn to paint. I had no idea what to get my brothers for Christmas this year, so I decided to finally bust open the tubes and do a couple paintings for them. This is one of them, along with a poem I wrote to go with it: “An Echoing Trinity”.

Intertwined, They dwell in hearts of men
and outside all space and time.
A mystery of three – can’t quite understand
the nature of One so alive.
But whether or not I can comprehend
He’s there in a perfect display
Of life and of mercy – a Spirit, a Son,
and a Father of consumate grace.

He spoke and stars leaped
all we know came to be,
out of His relationship –

So now, intertwined are my brothers and I
in a life that’s not quite what we’d be.
But a life nonetheless He can handle I guess
an echoing Trinity.

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