First Act Of Service

We had a good time of prayer last night with a handful of high school students. We’ve just finished going through the book of Titus, where Paul concludes with the need for the church to be devoted to “doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives”. I wanted to do something tangible together as an expression of our desire to do what is good.

The typical raking, cleaning, physical service projects came to mind, but I wanted to start somewhere less traveled. I think prayer is an often overlooked mode of service, so I decided to spend the time we had together doing just that. I put several topics in a hat – each of our staff members, our leadership team of staff and elders, friends, outreach to our community & schools, White Water Christian Church, national leaders, parents, etc. One of us would pull a topic out of the hat, we’d discuss how we could be praying for that particular issue or person, then that student would pray.

My hope is that they would continue to think about and pray for these matters as kind of a ‘first act of service’. As we seek to meet needs, may we be reminded that there is really only One who can meet the most important.

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