Of skies and falling…

Is it really THE most important election in our nation’s history? (And haven’t I heard that before?)
Is the future of our nation really at stake?
If ‘the liberals’ win, are we really at the threshold of our national demise?

I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t matter at all who wins, but I’m just not ready to say the wrong choice will be our last. I don’t think our country is what it is today (positively and negatively) because of who has and has not been our president. Nor do I don’t think our national tomorrow is dictated by who wins the upcoming election. We are a nation that is shaped, more than any other, “by the people”.

A great nation has been forged by the will of the people to pursue life, liberty, and happiness – not simply by having great men in the presidency.

Our banks aren’t failing because of Bush’s economic policies. Actually stronger links have been made to a Carter decision, which was morphed by Clinton into federal prodding of banks to make loans to unqualified applicants. But even those policies aren’t completely to blame. We’re in an economic mess because of our national greed. Our appetite for more and better no matter the cost has led us to an empty trough. Our capacity for spending enormous amounts of money that we don’t have via our own personal decks of credit cards has finally brought the house down.

The presidency is an important position. But if your candidate doesn’t make it… it’s not the end of the world. God is still God, and maybe a bad choice will lead His church to wake up and behave more like His Son than ever before.

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