Producers 2

“Making Donuts” follow up #2

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives.”
A couple years ago, I was feeling like lots of stuff was bottled up inside me that wanted out. I thought painting might be a good outlet/release. I’m the kind of person who can’t draw a straight line without a ruler and art as it’s usually thought of has never been my forte. A wood planter I made in 8th Grade ended up as a pencil holder – but that was better than the clay pottery bowl that became grandpa’s ashtray/coin cup. (Don’t ask.)

I’m not sure I’ve ever really painted anything, so I’m not sure where the desire to paint was coming from. My mom made me do fingerpaints with my brother once, but I’m way too tactilly defensive for that I guess. Seriously, have you felt that stuff squishing between your digits? And for some reason, the fingerpaint smell has always made me gag. So naturally, with my newfound desire to paint and a little Christmas money I bought a paint set and a couple brushes and some little canvas boards to start out with.

I still haven’t painted anything. The set is in the woefully misnomered ‘work’shop in our back yard. Sad.

How often do we bottle up the creativity God’s placed within us?

A friend of mine who is the worship leader here at WestWay recently uncorked. He’s an insanely gifted musician and has been leading worship about 10 years or so. Actually, I remember him playing drums for worship back when churches didn’t allow drums… a bit more than 10 years ago! So he collaborated with some friends with the equipment & talent to pull the project together, and released a CD of music he’s written for worship over that time. It’s fun to hear people commenting on how they’ve enjoyed or been touched by what he’s allowed to bubble up. (You can hear some of Shane’s music here and buy the CD as well.) When we release the God given creativity within us, He is producing tools that will benefit those around us.

Got a CD in you? A painting? Books or stories?

What is it that’s building pressure?

Let it out.

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  1. yeah the head had a small hole in it, but it made it weak enough that the pedal just sort punched right through all of a sudden..
    we just took the heads off of both sides and put the front head where the back on used to be, so then everyone in the audience got a nice view of my blanket and your pillow inside

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