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*This post is the first of a few of follow ups to last week’s “Making Donuts” post.

“Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives.”
Last Sunday, I got to take a group from WestWay to a new church plant’s launch service over in Laramie. The church plant is a great example of people who are making sure they’re not living unproductive lives. Church planting itself is always exciting to me, but this plant in particular has some extra interest due to several factors:

1) It is in Wyoming, where I grew up. Many churches in WY seem to struggle (both with external, ‘hard soil’ issues and internal, ‘stuck in a rut we created’ issues) so it’s exciting to see this new endeavor taking shape. I haven’t lived in WY since I left for college almost 15 years ago, but I still have a heart for the church in WY.

2) My parents and brother are a part of the plant team. After 15 years in one place (which is by far a record) my dad closed his counseling center, sold his buildings and has moved the family. (The house has not sold yet, so if anyone is looking to move to Cody, WY let me know!) He and my brother have been playing with the worship band – with mom back at the sound board. I love that my parents are still willing to jump over the edge into another adventure with God. “Always try new things.” right Brian?

3) WestWay is one of the supporting churches. Our people have been praying for the church plant. I’m hoping the close proximity and connections we’ll develop will breed an excitement among us at what God can do through new church work and that their innovative approach will provide the “old dogs” of the area some new tricks to learn. Also, though we’ll miss him and his guitar being on our stage, it was great to see Adam leading worship in Laramie and exciting to see him grow in his role in ministry there.

4) The church is making adventurous living a part of their DNA. As a new church, there is no pattern of placation to follow. They are there to take a new trail as God leads. This may lead them to make decisions that most churches cannot or will not make. Even their name is a reflection of this spirit of adventure: White Water Christian Church.

Things seem to be beginnning well for White Water. At the service, a lady and a couple early teen boys were sitting behind us. During a moment of introduction after some upbeat songs, the boys commented that they were surprised by seeing “that many people having fun… at church.” Church doesn’t have to be boring… Happy Birthday White Water. I’m excited to see God continue to work in you and your community as you live productive lives.

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