Do Not Hinder Them

I was listening yesterday to this message from Chap Clark of Fuller Youth Institute (formerly known as the Center for Youth and Family Ministry). I can’t get the audio to post right, but if you’re involved in youth ministry or any kind of leadership of the church you should follow that link and listen.

Clark does a good job of detailing how youth ministry as usual just isn’t a healthy way to develop young disciples and offers a better way of assimilating young people into the life of the church. Traditional youth ministry does a much better job of connecting lots of students with the youth group than connecting them with Jesus and His Body. It’s time for new benchmarks for success. (Actually it’s way past time.) I mean, how hard is it really to get a kid to connect with a bunch of his peers? We need refuse the complacency that often comes with shiny, well attended programs… we need to go deeper.

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