We got back Sunday night from a trip to Auburn. I did a wedding on Friday night (8-08-08) for a couple of my former students, so we left here on Thursday the 7th. Since I had another wedding on the 16th for another couple of my former students in the same area, we decided to use some vacation time and just stay out there for the week. I swear, moms, that I did not provoke them to marrying. We never played spin the bottle at youth group or anything like that…

Both weddings went well (which means that they’re married, the mothers of the brides still have hair that has not been pulled out, and so do I) and we were ther for worship services both weeks. It was nice to see old friends and so many of my former students. The church seems to be doing really well and the new minister is a great guy. The regular guitar player was out of town the second week, so they asked me to lead worship. It was a blast to be doing that again.

On Monday we went up to Omaha and met Dave and Janice (who were celebrating a 1 year anniversary of a wedding which I did not incite, but enjoyed attending) for lunch. We were going to go to the art museum with them, but discovered it was closed. Apparently Monday is ‘closed-museum’ day. Who goes to the museum with 4 kids under 8 anyway?

We stayed in Omaha and Tuesday was Zoo Day. The Lincoln Children’s Museum was our destination on Wednesday, and we got to meet Cady for lunch.

I know they say you can never go home again, but it was a great visit to a body that became as much a church home as I’ve ever had. I’m grateful for the reminder of what can happen when people make themselves available to the shaping hand of The Creative God.

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