Strange Headline

Scientists Design More Environmentally Friendly Bombs

It’s nice to know we can take care of our planet without giving up our ability to cause massive chaos, destruction, and loss of life.

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  1. Hey there, apparently you already found this out from sources unkown to me, but i thought you’d be happy to know, and if you’re not i’m still very happy to share, that I was absurdly blessed with the oppurtunity to baptize Jesse this Friday. It was very exciting and both of us were nervous as heck and it was great. lol
    In other news, dad wanted me to tell you that I ate sourkraut (or however that’s spelled)….I guess he thought you would find that entertaining or something? Anyways i managed not to puke it up in the middle of the night on either floor or couch so…I guess that means I like it.

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