BiteBack Benefit

Our talent show to raise money for Compassion’s BiteBack program went pretty well last night. We raised just over $600. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have more of an audience, but this is the first time we’ve done anything like this. Maybe word will get out about how good it was and next time, we’ll have more interest. The students did a really good job.

We had everything from pole vaulting to “A Whole New World” to a “Popular” song/skit to dance to train building (which was a favorite of the kids in the crowd) to video editing & several piano solos… We even had a McDonald’s drive through for a few minutes! The two students who had the most stage time ended up leading the “vote count” with Teresa (dance, rap, piano, & vocals) just edging out Sam (piano, jokes, & MC). Thanks to every student who shared a talent and to those in the audience who generously “voted”.

I was stressed with a number of last minute switches and glitches on the computer, but in the end, over 60 kids will soon be protected from malaria, so it was well worth it. We made a difference. And that was the point.
On a personal level, if you’d like to make even more of a difference to one child in particular, check out the link in my sidebar to sponsor a child through Compassion’s child sponsorship.

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