White Trash Scavenger?

I like to keep things, you know… just in case. There I admitted it. I still have papers I wrote in High School! Mrs. Waschenfelder may be proud, but my wife is not so amused. My boxes of school items are a burning, festering sore in her housekeeping psyche. But, I keep things. Not just old school stuff. My garage is like an oasis of white trash scavenging bliss, hidden among the neighborhood homes. Filled with things like old license plates that could be bent into shape to make… something. Slabs of cardboard to put under the car so I don’t get my back dirty under there – at least not until I actually pull the oil pan plug and dump oil all over my front! Parts and pieces of my Colt that I could (could!) sell on ebay if I can’t find some other way to use them.

But this week I’ve learned two great lessons:

1. Free Day (or week) at the landfill is a good thing.
2. WINDY Free Day at the landfill – not so much.

As I was throwing various stripped parts from my race car, the Men in Big Machines felt it necessary to continually drive around kicking up the dust which then blew everywhere. And by everywhere I mean into my 4Runner. I know it’s just dirt, but landfill dirt… ick!

The good news is in my 2 trips this week and last week I’ve gotten rid of a lot of those miscellaneous pieces of car that have been sitting around in my already-too-tiny garage, plus a headliner, door panels, seats, an old non-functional dishwasher, a broken screen door, a rotting old kitchen table, and two tires (i thought it odd that after all the tire changing I did last season I only had 2 tires to ditch – where did they all go?) .

It’s a little belated, but Happy Earth Day!

…To make sure this would be my white trashiest entry ever, I also gave away the toilet and tub that have been sitting on my back patio since we took them out last fall! LuAnn is happy. But I’m still keeping my sophomore English papers!

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