Jesus’ Integrity

I was reading in Matthew the other day and it really struck me how Jesus displayed in action the message he spoke in words. Not that I’d expect anything different, but for some reason my attention was drawn to this integrity. Jesus talked about not doing good works just to be seen by men, and not making a big show of praying to God. Then he healed and raised people from the dead and cast out demons – and told the people to keep quiet about it. He went off up the mountainside to be alone with His Father – no fancy words or spectators necessary.

He wasn’t looking for attention, he was just doing what He knew His Father wanted.

It got me to thinking about the message I give with my words. I want to see our students living life as an act of worship. Putting themselves in God’s hands and letting God direct them to opportunities to live in the stream of His mission to redeem mankind. So I better do that! I better not just sit in my office, planning lessons I want to teach and sermons I want to preach and picking songs and games I want to play! If I’m not flying in His current the way I hope our students will, then I’m a fraud.

I also thought of the message we present as the church. What are we doing to display the integrity of the Word made Flesh? How are we living as the “salt and light” that we say we are? How are we doing at loving the world we say Jesus came to save? We say, “He’s alive!” Do we live that message or just speak it?

Pray with me that we’d each be sure to live our lives in ways that make His Message known wherever we are.

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  1. Hi
    I seldom comment on others comment, i popped into your sharing somehow when searching for Jesus’s integrity. Yes, I agree and admire of Jesus’s character and we’r called to be Christ-like. It’s a journey with no guarantee of what weather or trails we will face when we say, ‘yes, jesus, i’m willing to pick up the cross.’ However, I started to see how much I really need jesus when pray for draw me closer, Lord.
    Thanks for sharing and pray that God bless your gifts and touch others.

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