A note was found that had been inadvertently left behind by some students the other day. Scribbles back and forth – made to pass the time during a time of worship on Sunday morning. But the content was not just some innocuous bantering back and forth to fend off the boredom. It was sexually explicit declaration of mutual intent between a couple kids.

At this point, I’m not sure exactly who wrote what, but every student in that section has grown up in church. Something is very wrong when someone can spend every week in church for 15 years and be so far from Christ… I know that attendance is not an indicator of any depth whatsoever to relationship with God, but you’d think that somewhere along the way something would have sunk in.

I’m tired of seeing people play the game. Tired of the shiny, happy faces hiding very dark hearts. I am sick of seeing kids and parents keeping up appearances while they trash their own lives. And yet, I know these kids are only pawns in Satan’s attempt to derail the church from God’s mission. They may be casualties or prisoners, but they are not the enemy. May God illuminate the corners of our lives that have stayed in darkness. May he continue to use me to bring life to dead students…
An interesting article has popped up on several youth ministry blogs that I’ve read recently. Learning to Lie shares some interesting sociologic insight gained from recent study into understanding why kids lie. It’s interesting to think about this article in the context of the church. Are we inadvertently teaching kids to hide sin by never really exposing our own?

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  1. that’s a tough situation. esp. since you don’t know who wrote it. I’ve never found a note like that, but know there is talk that has happened along those lines in ministries I have been a part of

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