The Hydrologic Cycle of Discipleship

Our youth ministry is being renovated. We’re simplifying and redefining just why we do the things we do. I met today with someone I’m hoping will become one of our team of youth ministers and was explaining what our process of discipleship will look like. As I was describing the phases and levels of involvement that we want students to move through, she was reminded of the baseball diamond metaphor that Rick Warren has made so popular.

I’ve been toying with a few different metaphors to help us conceptualize the rather abstract thought of a person moving through a process of discipleship – but not really satisfied by any that I’ve come up with, yet. But today, in a simple comment, God provided. While looking at our name (Wind & Water Student Ministries), and thinking about the idea of a discipleship process, Kim’s mind was drawn to the Water Cycle. Her mouth said what her mind gravitated toward, and we fleshed out the connections a little bit – it’s a great fit.

If you’re involved in our student ministries in some way – you’re gonna want to get familiar with the Hydrologic Cycle because we’re about to go to science class!

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