Discipleship Design

According to 1 Peter 4:10, we are to be managers of God’s grace. He has entrusted us with His grace. Trusted us with it. We are to be managers, stewards, and dispensers of His grace. The church must pour out God’s grace to the world so that people may grow in His grace. (Rainer/Geiger)

In Simple Church, Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger make a case for many churches’ need for a “makeover”. The contention is that the church has become too complicated and cluttered with programs – so much so that the real issue, life-changing discipleship, is often not happening. The process of spiritual growth is unclear – people are confused about how to move from one stage of faith to the next in the church. Faithful participation in programs has not consistently led people to become conduits of God’s grace into the world.

I’d like to know what your church’s discipleship process looks like. Especially if you are from here at WestWay, how would you describe (y)our process of spiritual growth? How do we help people continually grow spiritually throughout their lives?

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