Empty Passion

“I am learning not to be passionate about empty things, but to cultivate passion for justice, grace, truth, and communicate the idea that Jesus likes people and even loves them.”

-Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

In some recent staff discussions, we talked about our passions and serving God out of our passion. What are you really passionate about? What types of things get you really energized and excited? What gives you a sense of accomplishment & satisfaction? Are those the areas where you’re serving God? Could they be? Should they be?

So I’ve been re-reading Blue Like Jazz and came across this quote that’s got me thinking again about those questions and measuring my responses with the ideas of justice, grace, and truth and thinking about the ways I’m communicating to people that Jesus loves them. Does the flow of a week for me reflect God’s passion (which would be justice, grace, truth, and us)?

I love the church. I love seeing seeing people in action together as His Body, reflecting His heart. I love traveling with students in the moments when they’re just on the edge of discovering their place in His Story. Taking in the view with them as they reach the next ridge and discover the grandeur that God has set before them. I love seeing the church find new ways to love people and call attention to God.

Unfortunately, I can find myself absorbed in lesson plans and evaluations and scheduling trips and following up on issues and putting out fires and assuaging hurt feelings, and buried in new books and seeking new methods and untangling teen dramas… It’s been a good reminder that my heart needs to beat with the Heart of God. My activity needs to be directed by His passion.

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