Kids Matter.

Just thinking through some final thoughts for tonight. One of our core values at Wind and Water is that ‘students matter to God’. I think to most of the world the young are a source of cheap labor and expendable income. Students are often pushed to the edges of society. Unfortunately, many churches reflect our culture in this area. “Keep them out of our hair… keep them so busy they don’t have time to get in trouble… keep their messes out of sight… can’t they find something used that someone wants to give away…” Doesn’t sound very much like Jesus’ “let the children come…”

So I’m talking to the students about how they matter to God, even if they aren’t valued by our culture. I keep coming to how I imagine God values the creativity and passion and energy that are so obvious in youth and the fact that we all are made in God’s image (a creative, passionate, and energetic God). When we sin, we mar and scar His image within us.

When we push youth to the fringes of the church, are we missing a glimpse at the image of God? Could it be that the image of God can be seen more clearly in their passion/energy/creativity because they’ve had less time to stamp it out? When I find myself without energy and passion and creativity… what does that say about my spiritual health and vitality?

God, may our students live lives that remind us what you look like!

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