Summer’s end…

Well, racing’s over for the season. I think I ended up 4th, maybe 5th, in points – which isn’t bad considering I missed so many weeks. The racing was a blast and it was great to meet some new people and spend some good time with the students that helped me out most weeks. The sad part of it is that my timing belt broke about two laps from the finish of the last race. If you don’t know… that’s really bad. Most engines will basically tear themselves apart if the belt breaks… I haven’t dug into it yet to see if that’s the case.

Dakota started preschool this week. He doesn’t always respond too well to being told he has to do what everyone else is doing, so this should be an interesting experience. When we pulled up to the Y (where the preschool is), he wanted to go in the main doors and around to the back of the preschool “so we don’t have to go through all that crowded part.” (which was where everyone was lined up waiting to take their kids in). He doesn’t like groups, but there’s one little boy from our small group at church who is in his class, so he followed him around all day yesterday.

We also got started back into our regular schedule in our student ministry yesterday. I’m still wondering what adjustments we can make to be more effective, but right now I’m at a loss. A lot of the students just seem to be coming with no expectation of God having anything to say to them. Almost like it’s just such a part of their routine that they’re sleepwalking through it. Time to wake up…

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