Solid Rock trip

Just got back from a climbing trip with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries. This was a student leadership retreat for our student ministries, and it really went well. One of our weaknesses over this past year has been in the area of leadership. Just as I was coming into the ministry here, the students who were the leading students of the group graduated. They are a great group of students and the student ministry felt their absence. So I chose a handful of students who I hope will become the leadership team of Wind & Water and invited them to come do a little backpacking, a lot of climbing, and a great deal of searching out God’s heart. Not all of these students would call themselves leaders, but I wanted to get them to see the potential that I’ve seen that God has put in their lives.

The trip went really well – from cooking meals together over a little camp stove, to huddling under the tarp while it rained, to just spending time together surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery of God’s creation. It was good to develop a deeper level of trust between the students and myself and between the students and each other. I’m looking forward to seeing how the challenge will play out now that we’re back home…

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