A little musical diversion…

I was tagged by Knotter a friend in the blogging world.

If I were to list what I was listenning to intently right now, it would be Future of Forestry over and over. (A great band you may have never heard of.) But since that’s not really what the tag is all about, I’m hitting ‘random’ right now and here’s what’s coming out in the next ten slots…

1. – Sarah Kelly, Still Breathing
2. – Sarah Kelly, In Your Eyes (so much for random)
3. – Jadon Lavik, His Name Shall Be Called
4. – Audio Adrenaline, Rejoice (Whoah! That’s been a while!)
5. – Jars of Clay, Faith Enough
6. – Future of Forestry, Sunrising (I promise I didn’t cheat!)
7. – Tree 63, I Stand for You
8. – Jars of Clay, Only Alive
9. – Tree 63, I Will Never Be the Same
10. – Audio Adrenaline, You Still Amaze Me

Realized part way through that this is only pulling from ‘recently added’ (although not new) stuff – explains the ‘unrandomness’ of repeating bands! Oh well. That’s some of what I just heard. Maybe I’ll edit this post and do a more diverse 10.


Here’s a better random sampling (and a much better playlist I might add – that wouldn’t get me kicked off the radio show I’m on)

1. – The Fray, Fall Away
2. – Chris Tomlin, Uncreated One
3. – Disciple, Scars Remain
4. – Newsboys, I Am Free
5. – Falling Up, Escalates
6. – Sanctus Real, I’m Not Allright
7. – Fair, The Dumbfounded Game (another great band you may have never heard)
8. – Pillar, Awake
9. – Sarah Kelley, Still Breathing (The song that never goes away!)
10. – Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Christmas Jam (the epitome of randomness!)

I suppose I should tag someone, so how ’bout Gman, Kari, and Meghan

–Incidentally, the next 2 random songs that came up was Thinking of You from Future of Forestry (those guys are awesome) and Grace from U2 (another of my favorites).

3 Replies to “A little musical diversion…”

  1. Okay… so I have to admit, I’m not sure I was the best one to tag, because I…

    (head bowed in shame) I don’t listen to music through iTunes. I know, I’m a HORRIBLE person and TOTALLY old-fashioned.

    But I’m okay with that. 🙂

    I think I’m also “breaking the rules” because I’m posting this as a comment instead of on my own site. But I’m okay with that, too. 🙂 I think it’s more fun this way.

    So, my 10 songs…


    I’m going to, uh, alter the rules(again), and just “randomly select” (did you catch the quotes?) some songs in my CD collection:

    1. Norah Jones, “Come Away with Me”
    2. Frank Sinatra, “All the Way”
    3. Kutless, “Take Me In”
    4. Heather Miller, “We Will See Him”
    5. Jeremy Camp, “Beautiful One”
    6. Nat King Cole, “Mona Lisa”
    7. David Crowder Band, “Only You”
    8. 8:17, “Until My Breath Runs Dry”
    9. Jeff van Houten, “Listen to Him”
    10. Ella Fitzgerald, “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

    That’s a pretty accurate list of what I tend to listen to…

  2. Actually, I don’t have an ipod (or any other i-gadget for that matter) either. But I do have a bunch of my CD’s loaded into windows media player (which also has a random shuffle feature).

    And as far as posting your list in my comments, instead of your site… no problem. The content of your site is always a bit more ‘meaty’ than this. This is the first time I’ve actually responded to one of these myself and it was kind of interesting to think about what I’m listenning to – and to see the diversity of taste (i.e. Sinatra to Kutless!) within each person’s playlist.

  3. Yippee… I’m not alone in my lack of technology! 🙂 And you’re right. It’s good to stop and think about what I’m filling my mind with…

    And just so you know, I DID tag some other people. Sent them the link here. We’ll see if they make an appearance… I’m sure we can keep this thing going for awhile. 🙂

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