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Getting the last few things put together this week for Jr. High camp next week. We’re focusing on Psalm 46, leaning toward verse 10’s “Be still and know that I am God.” So I’ve been thinking of what it really means to know God.

I’m tired of church stuff that leaves people unaffected. Tired of churches and youth ministries that simply make their way around the carousel of activity without changing lives. I’d hate for this camp to be simply another full week in busy schedules that are filled with apathetic activity. My prayer for the week is that students would come face to face with their Creator.

Because that will change a person. I think, if you enter into a real conversation with God, you only have two options: outright rejection of Him or living a life of worship. I just don’t think there’s room for authentic encounter with God to result in…. more of the same.

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  1. Hi there!

    My brother just sent me your blog to view for suggested read. I really like what you have to say in this post and sooooo feel the same way. Are we missing something? Is there something we/I could be doing differently?..more effective?

    I was talking with my bro, Brandon 🙂 how I have been considering for awhile using some sort of internet tool for ministry. A way for others to talk about what God is doing in day to day lives. Having an outlet to tell and bring Him the glory. How is the world going to be impacted if were not sharing His power?

    Recently, I was inspired while watching this teen show called “acquire the fire” where they encouraged the Christian youth to take hold of this modern tech world, use it and turn it around to spread truth instead of lies. I never looked at it that way.. I’ve have always felt uneasy about things like myspace ect., but I know a few of my Christian friends that feel differently and use it for Him.

    Anyways.. Brandon told me about your site and how much he likes your format. So keep up the good work, pressing on in Him. Its so awesome to see the amazing hearts He puts in His people!

    Love a Sister in Christ, Erin

    here’s what I’ve got so far..

  2. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. I haven’t posted really regularly lately, or at all while I was at camp the last 2 weeks, but hoping that can change.

    Is your brother the Brandon I met at Hope last January?

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