“Because I Can…”

My kids love to climb. It’s a trait I think they’ve inherited, because I love to climb, too. So I wasn’t really surprised the other day when I was sitting in my office, not climbing, and my wife called to say that Dakota (who is 5) had climbed up onto the roof!

Ok, it did surprise me a little; he’s usually very cautious unless he’s extremely confident he can do something right . He wouldn’t even walk when he was little until he knew he could do it without falling.

Apparently our younger boy, Josiah, had come inside saying something that wasn’t too intelligible. Right now, a lot of what he says is less than intelligible. But LuAnn could make out “climb” and “roof” so she called on Emily for a little translation. She is fluent in Siah and confirmed that he was indeed talking about climbing on the roof. “It wasn’t me!” was her reply, coupled with a less than surreptitious nod in Dakota’s direction. (The boy, not the state.)

Dakota acknowledged that he had climbed onto the roof a couple days ago and shrugged off the whole incident like it was no big deal. So last night, I asked him to show me exactly how he got up. He climbed up onto the top rail of a short section of fence between our carport and garage. “Look, my head is clear up here!” Again, with a very cavalier approach for a five year old, he pulled himself up. “See.” “So how did you get down after you were up there.” The look said, “Duh.” The boy said, “The same way I got up!”

Talking with him about the seriousness of cracked cranium’s and sidewalks, and power lines and fried insides, I asked him why he climbed up on the roof. I wasn’t quite ready for his answer. I expected and “I don’t know,” some shrugging of the shoulders, a misplaced frisbee for an excuse… but I got none of the above. Instead, it was “To show Emily that I could.”

The dead pan tone in his voice said more than his words ever could. I’m not quite sure if he was ‘dared’ by his big sister or had been called on a claim to greatness that he was forced to back up, but he revealed himself to truly be a boy seeking adventure… conquering challenges… proving He can.

I pray as he grows that he’ll come to know and love the God who can make him able to accomplish whatever He sets before him… and that he’ll survive the “as he grows” part!
Oh, and yes I did get him to jump off to me! Sorry mom – I couldn’t resist.

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