Drive Fast, Turn Left!

Racing starts this Friday night! My car is oh so close to finished. I still need a paint job, final welding on the roll cage (about 80% finished now), new battery, and sponsor checks! After all this work, I’m really hoping I don’t put it into the wall right away! It’s pretty exciting to think about getting out on the track – kind of nerve racking too – what if the car’s just got no speed?!

The downside has been the annoyed looks I get from LuAnn when I go out to work on the car and the fact that I’m selling my other car. Since I got the 4runner, I just don’t really need another car sitting around, but I like the Avenger and really don’t want to get rid of it. After driving the 4runner around for a month or so, I got the Avenger fixed and drove it a little today. It just feels so much quicker and more fun… maybe I’ll make it into a race car!!!

If you’re around on Friday night, come out to the Hwy 92 track and say hi. I’ll be in the little Colt with a 94 on the side (haven’t picked a color yet, but the old color’s red, so that might be a safe bet)!

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  1. Looking for sponsors, eh? I’ll give you $5 Canadian if you put “KNOTTER” and/or “CAN’T FIND NORMAL” on your car! lol

    Good luck with the racing.

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