Good News – Bad News…

The good news is I got a new vehicle. I’ve been wanting to find something that will tow a small load without paying a huge amount and found this: It’s a 1990 Toyota 4Runner. What I would have loved to have 15 years ago mom before it had 175,000 miles! It’s weird buying a vehicle that I couldn’t afford in high school after all this time… Just wait through only 4 years of college, 4 kids, 8 years of ministry and 15 years of living – and all your vehicular dreams could come true, too! Ha! (The kids love the sunroof!)

The bad news side of the story is that I’ll be getting rid of the Avenger. Just don’t need the driveway to look like a car lot! I’m sure it will when our kids are older and driving, but for now…
Also, as part of the deal, I will not be drinking pop until the truck’s paid for. If you know me, you know how traumatic this is. I am not physically/chemically addicted (I’m not) to Mt. Dew – I just really really like it. No actually, it’s just a habit. But… it won’t be for now. (By the way, not drinking pop alone is not going to save enough to pay for the truck. Sheesh, I’m not that bad!)

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