I blame my absence from this blog on writing seminary papers, but really that’s just an excuse. Probably the real reason is that I’m feeling insecure enough that I don’t feel like I can safely be as transparent as my writing usually ends up being. (See maybe that’s too transparent!) And if I’m not going to write honestly, maybe I should just keep my fingers off the keyboard… (I did add a books section to the sidebar though that I think is pretty cool – haven’t added all my shelves yet, but some of the highlights.)

Right now I’m working (or should be working) on a paper that’s supposed to answer the question “How can we be increasingly available to the Spirit of God?” I think being available to the Holy Spirit means living a life that is directed by God. Not directed in the sense that He’s out there barking orders at stage hands, but more that He’s moving and I’m following His lead.

Willie always asks the question here, “Is this of me or is this of God?” Am I accomplishing something or is God? I like that question, as maddening as it can be, because it forces me to think about whether Mike is at work or God is at work in whatever the situation is. The key is to work less in my own strength, surrender to the mission He’s working on, and work by His strength alive within me. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing very well at that…

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  1. The joys of the blogging world, eh? A place to be transparent until everyone finds your blog and then you start to question how transparent you can (or should) be. I’ve been wrestling with this issue these last few weeks as more people have “discovered” my blog.

  2. Definitely a difference here between a blog and a pen-and-paper journal. It scares me when I read some guys’ blogs that seem to have no boundaries. I mean, it may be healthy to vent and share, but within reason.

  3. Theo,

    I’m just getting into the blogging world myself, and I agree: the tension is there between this being a diary and too transparent and not being transperant and being too generic. I think we all just need to remember that this could be read by anyone and go from there. In any case, don’t quit blogging right when I’ve discovered the joy of writing, and reading, blogs!
    Sprocket from CCT

  4. Hey Sprocket, I generally enjoy your responses on CCT. I haven’t posted a whole lot there, but check in regularly. (I’m not so sure anything I’d have to add to most arguments there would be heard anyway sometimes.)
    Looking forward to checking in on your blog. (And don’t worry, I’m not planning on quiting here, just busy lately.)

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