Drummer Boy

Wrote this last week, but since my brother reads this occasionally, didn’t post until now…

My Mom knew I was going to be buying a bunch of books on Amazon.com for some classes I’m taking in January, so she asked me to order another one for my brother while I was at it. The book arrived the other day, and I just had to… It was short, and looked good, and I couldn’t help myself… I read my brother’s Christmas present!

It’s a Christmas story called Drummer Boy by Ted Dekker. (Not quite his usual suspenseful type of book, but it’s good.) I’m glad I read it. It’s about this little boy who’s given a small stage prop drum. The kicker is, the story happens in the future, where Christmas has long been forgotten (even made illegal, along with any mention of the birth of Jesus) and replaced by The Holiday (to celebrate the world’s prosperity).

Inside the drum, he finds the song of the first Little Drummer Boy, a promise from a young boy to his father to once again play the drum for the king, and the story of Jesus’ birth so long ago. The boy reads, for the first time, the story of the King who came and loved and healed. And he knows he must play that drum for the King.

As I read, tears welled up in my eyes. I read it again later to Emily, and several times choked on the words – and their implications for my own life. I must play my drum for the King. You must play your drum for the King. We live in a world that is forgetting. If we don’t play our drum, our children will live in a world where He’s been forgotten. As hard as it might be for you to hear, YOU have neighbors who have never heard the true story of Christmas. Play for your King and let them hear.

This isn’t about protesting stores that say Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas. It’s not about words at all. It’s about playing the song that God has put in your soul, however feeble you may think it is. It’s about living for the King and inspiring the world to hear and join in His Story.

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