I’m kind of an explorer/investigator at heart. I like to go new places. I like to try things I’ve never done before. I like to take unfamiliar things apart and discover how and why they work.

Last week, LuAnn had a pump that dripped a type of local anesthetic into her incision following the c-section. We left the hospital before the pump was out of medication, so the removal of the ‘soaker hose’ contraption was up to us! After gingerly scraping tape and what is basically superglue away from the punctures where the hose entered her abdomen, she pulled them out and I had fun deconstructing the entire pump!

Also, this past Saturday, I also got to jump into the previously-unknown-to-me waters of radio. In January, KCMI (96.9) here in Scottsbluff will start airing a program each Saturday night from 8-12 called Cutting Edge. The basics of the show will be a youth minister and a few students coming in to run the show on Saturday nights. (There are four of us local youth pastors who will rotate.) It will be 4 hours of great music and conversation aimed at the students in our valley. I’m really excited about this great ministry opportunity aimed at students.

So, back to Saturday night… I met Ryan, Brian, and Travis (the other youth ministers who will be hosting the shows) at the station at 8:00 for kind of a trial run of the show. Brad and Lola from KCMI were there to get things going and show us which buttons to push (and which ones to avoid). To put it shortly, it was a blast. We haven’t done any radio before, and really haven’t even all been together much, but there was a great sense of camaraderie among the group. We all shared a little excitement at doing something new, but more than that was a sweet sense of working together on a worthwhile project that will impact students’ lives.

If you like your music with a little more kick than what’s normally played on Christian radio, check us out starting in January (if you happen to be in the area). If you know students who think there’s no Christian music they’ll like – listen with them and prove them wrong. And if you’re a student who wants to come in and help run the show, let me know… we can try something new together! If you’ve got something you’re just dying to hear, let me know that too…

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