Buckle Up!

Just bought a car that I’m going to race next season! No pictures, yet, but it’s a 92 Colt (for a small 4-cylinder class) and it cost $150. Hopefully I can clear the space in my garage quickly and start stripping it down. Some of the students are into cars, so I’m sure they’ll love helping with that part. Anyway, we have several months before the season starts, so there’s a lot of time – but there’s a lot to do to it also. Looking forward to hanging out with a few of my guys and building the car. If anyone wants to send us sponsor money, feel free to do so!

2 Replies to “Buckle Up!”

  1. I’m going to have to ask you to hold off on your personal fundraising campaign until after I have raised enough money for my Eric Clapton tickets. Thanks.

    But, congrats on the new ride!

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