Well, the election is over – except for Chad and his dimples that have to be ironed out. Control is shifting, seats have been lost. Now, I’m not ‘died in the wool’ anything except a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father (and short, but there’s no options for me there anyway), but watching news reports last night as vote counts started coming in was a little annoying. Why did the anchors have to have that giant smirk on their faces when they announced a democrat victory? Can they at least feign objectivity?

I don’t know, just thought that was kind of dumb. It will be interesting to see how things will get done in the next couple years. I don’t think this is the great beginning of a golden democrat-controlled era, nor do I think this is the end of the republic or the death knell of our nation or anything like that – there’s more than enough corruption on both sides of the aisle. Days will still pass by one after another. Liberals will still say the Conservatives are uncaring money grabbers (which SOME are), and Conservatives will still accuse the Liberals of killing babies and pandering to gays (which SOME do).

But I’m not sure about the labels anymore. The characterizations of the liberal democrats and conservative republicans have gotten way out of hand. Straw men are too easy to burn. Perhaps this shift will allow us to stop talking in hyperbole and discuss real ideas and real problems and real solutions with real people.

Then again maybe not. Maybe there is no middle. Maybe our nation is destined to be hopelessly divided between left and right (which oddly enough often looks more like coastland and heartland). Either way, I’m glad my allegiance, though it’s been pledged to the flag since Reagan was president, is ultimately to another Kingdom. A Kingdom that will not pass away.

I’m also glad I don’t have to watch another opposition-party bashing commercial. Well, at least not for a couple years.

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