A Little Rhymy Time…

I talk with students about dangers online. There’s the great potential to access information (and I love that), but there’s also danger that I want to make sure our students are wary of. But I’m not just talking about porn (though that’s obviously something online to avoid). I’ve encountered a divisive spirit in some Christian sites that seems to want to be ‘right’ at all costs and to tear down everyone else. It’s dangerous, too.

There’s a forum that I’ve visited often, and posted at occasionally, that really seems to be in a time where everyone there just wants to fight, as opposed to actually discussing things. It’s gotten pretty frustrating, and even though I don’t post there often, I’ve found myself wasting time ‘watching the fight’ – kind of like the train wreck you slow down to see.

But today, I’ve turned those thoughts into a little rhyme for you to enjoy. And think about the productivity of your discussions. Or maybe it’s just for me to enjoy! Ha ha. Anyway, I’ve decided to pretty much stop going there, because there just hasn’t been much gained by the whole thing. Here’s the rhyme… maybe I’ll post it there, but probably not.
Just one page view and I was hooked;
The siren called me in.
I quickly clicked
The X at top,
But I’d be back again.

And so it went for many moons –
My browser’d sort and store ‘em.
These pages full of words, not porn:
An argumentive forum.

Theology and doctrine queries?
Answers: vitriolic fury.
Prideful claims and hurtful names –
The love of Christ made blurry.

I still returned though burned and battered
While Jesus’ body mocked and scattered;
Scraps on the floor,
Bolts on the Door,
I pray no wand’rer stumbles by.

For he would find a force divided,
Broken family, brothers chided.
He may decide ‘the way is shut’
And never find His Way.

It needn’t have been so, I think,
Discussion warm and free could be.
But trolls are live and sacrifice
Our desperate need for Thee…

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