Who’s It?

Haven’t written in a long time, but leave it to something stupid to get me back here. There were reports yesterday about schools banning tag like that one. This is as bad as the whole dodge ball thing a few years ago. Why can’t kids be kids without living in a glass (no wait, better make that non-breakable plexiglass – or better yet, memory foam lined rubber) bubble? WE CANNOT KEEP THEM SAFE FROM EVERY BUMP AND SCRATCH! Nor should we.

I live in an area of the country that’s known for a little less hectic pace, wide open spaces, and common sense type of people. But just a couple hours away in Cheyenne, the buffalo may roam, the deer and the antelope can play, but kids can’t play tag at recess. Seriously? It’s been 40 some years since you were supposed to be able to pray in school, and now you can’t play there either?

I have a solution. Let’s get over the idea that someone else is responsible and teach our kids to do the same. Fell down and scraped your knee? You’ll be ok. Fell out of the tree and broke your arm? Hurts, doesn’t it… as opposed to “Let’s sue Johnny Appleseed and the asphalt company.”

I could go on… but I’ve gotta go pick up my daughter from school – where she can still play tag and hang upside down on the monkey bars. Then I’m taking her home to her brothers and I’m going to chase them around the house for a while!

“You’re it.”

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  1. Man… thats just crazy. But it fits with the whole, “Hide inside my box” idea. This sort of thing really reminds me of an ostrich. If I hide my head and I cant see the bad things… then maybe I’ll be safe.

    But wait, we’re talking tag… playing TAG of all things… *me shaking my head*
    Kids get hurt. Kids run into each other. They fall down, get scraped up, I mean, that’s what kids do. Its part of their job as kids.

    At first when I read your post I was thinking… oooh Good.. now the boys will be safe from that mad rush of girls… Then I realized you meant the game of tag, not TAG the body spray…

    I wonder what the lady who now feels her child is safer with the new ruling would think if she saw me and the kids on our roof the other day for no other reason other than it was there and we were bored??

  2. Ridiculous…I hope this doesn’t find a way t drift north of the border!

    I was just lamenting today about how are students & their parents need to literally sign their lives away to attend a simple football game. Sheesh…and we wonder why nobody comes to events anymore?

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