The men’s retreat went fairly well from all indicators that I’ve seen. Thank you for praying. I got through all 4 messages without saying anything really stupid, and there were only a couple guys that caught a few zzz’s while I talked! Seriously though, it was evident that God had something to say and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. (If I can, I’ll get the gists of my messages posted here later, which would be a lot easier if I’d have had some notes!)

We golfed on Friday and Saturday, despite the crazy wind, and that was fun, too. I’ve finally learned how to hit the ball, so my scores are much better (though I’d still hesitate to call them good). I may be at the point now, though, where I’m good enough to really have fun, and inconsistent enough to get really frustrated.

I’m getting ready to buy an old junked car that I’m going to race next year, too. They’ve started a new class at the track here for 4 cylinder cars that you don’t modify much at all so it’s cheap, so I’m going to race next season! It’s been a great way to get to know a few guys from church and the students I take out with me. Plus, I’m really looking forward to driving fast with a bunch of other cars!

Also this week, I began leading a Bible Study at the Middle School here in town before school on Monday. It’s pretty exciting to be invited in to do this in a public school.

God’s at work.

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