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I recently came across these articles about some research into the effects of homework. One is an article in Time, the other an article in Maybe there is more to life…

I guess it probably varies greatly by school, and even by teacher and student. How much is too much? I really appreciate the overall attention in the articles given to the concept of loving learning. If we can foster in kids a love for learning… we wouldn’t have to ‘assign’ busywork.

This has some great application in the church, especially in the area of discipleship. Often, discipleship is reduced to a process of forced daily 5 minute readings, shallow times of prayer, and mandatory attendance of weekly gab sessions with other ‘disciples’. (I know that’s the bleak side of the picture, but bear with me.) The view is that if you’re fulfilling these obligations daily and weekly (or is it weakly?) then discipleship must be happening. (Just like the thinking that, if you’re getting all your hours of homework done, then you must be learning.)

But the conclusions don’t strictly follow the actions. Just because you’re doing homework doesn’t mean you’re learning, and just because you’re dutifully going to your small group meeting doesn’t mean you’re a disciple. You’re a homework doer. You’re a faithful attender. Learning is more than filling in the right blanks. So is discipleship.

May you have a love for following the Master. May the love of growing more like Him lead you to pursue His likeness with everything you are in every place you find yourself – whether it’s assigned or not.

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