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There are a number of links to church sign generators on the web (click here for example), where you can fabricate a church sign to make whatever ridiculous comment you want it to make. This site, Crummy Church Signs, however is reportedly filled with examples of real live church signage gone amuck. Some of those are trite and cheesy, others are downright wrong. Some are sad and others are just hilarious.

I wonder, though, what is wrong with this picture. This is a picture of an actual sign that I took in front of a business that is located next door to a church facility. What does it say about a church’s relationship to its community? Now, I don’t know anything about the church really except the location of its building and that they have a reputation for free food (soup kitchen type of outreach). But something is wrong here…

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  1. Have you seen the other side of the sign? I’m not sure of their relationship to the businesses around them but they seem to be a very giving church. I have donated things there a couple of times and they give the items away to those that need it. I also know of a couple that serves at the church and they are very kind, caring, generous people!

  2. That’s the impression that I had of the church too. I have heard several good comments from people in town about it. That’s why the sign caught me so off guard. (In no way did I mean for this to be an indictment of a church that I really don’t know anything about.)

    I have not seen the other side of the sign (the bus was parked too close for me to get a good look), so maybe I’ll get a chance to post that here too.

    It’s almost like the business owners are saying “You have your world, stay out of ours.” The problem for the church (not just this one, but for all of us) is that our Father has sent us to be salt and light in exactly that world.

  3. the people that run that site have crappy theology themselves…. they’re very cynical and closed minded it almost seems. they don’t have a very open mind about trying to figure out what it really means.

    that being said, yeah, some of the signs ARE really bad.

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