Walk On

Just finished reading this from Irish Presbyterian minister, Steve Stockman. I’d almost picked it up a while back, but didn’t have the money, but I found it at a bookstore for two bucks so bought it last week.

If you like U2, it’s a pretty interesting look into the spiritual depth behind much of their music. If you don’t like U2, this might give you a reason to try again, with fresh ears to hear their message.

The 2001 edition (the one I found) obviously doesn’t include anything past their Elevation tour, but there is a new edition out from Relevant Books that includes everything through How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, which some say is their “most spiritually profound” album yet.

The book may make you think about this band (among other things) in a very different way. What does a living/visible faith really look like? Has the church tried so hard to not be “of the world” that we really don’t live “in the world”? Do my actions and my words make the same statement about my self/belief/God?

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