Step into Disaster

It was just after Christmas, 2004. Do you remember? A small wave flooded the beaches just moments before a mammoth wall of water brought the world’s attention to Indonesia. In the wake of that disaster, walls crumbled… spiritual walls. Last night, our students got to hear from a couple who stepped into that disaster to bring hope.

They told us how the people of Indonesia, which is the most populous Muslim majority nation (almost 90% of its over 200 million people claim Islam), had been very resistant to the message of Christ. But that changed. When Christians rose up to pour themselves into helping the Acehnese to rebuild their homes, their city, their lives… the wall of hostility toward followers of Jesus began to crumble.

It was a great picture of living, active faith. By making the world a better place for someone else, these missionaries are able to love those who are lost. Working with Team Expansion and IDES, they’ve built over 300 homes, helped establish brick factories, and accomplished so much more. As they build, walls come down. (I read an article today that was an imam lamenting the fact that Christian missionaries were making headway in the Muslim world.)

Pray for followers of Jesus to show this love that rebuilds lives and tears down walls.

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