Scrambled Code

One of the aspects of conservative Christianity that I really don’t care for is our penchant for banning. Afraid our children will be led astray by the latest Pied Piper??? Never mind teaching them to think critically and make good choices… just ban him. Ticked off that some company’s policies will benefit some group you don’t like??? Don’t try to reason with them, don’t examine your own heart toward that group… ban the company.

In this case, it was a movie. Now this bandwagon was far from full, but the debate has been pretty hot. With the Da Vinci Code showing up on screens this weekend, things are coming to a head. But wait! What’s this? The movie stinks, you say?

How much free publicity did this movie get because so many were so eager to picket and ban and rail against a movie that probably would have flopped on its own anyway?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s vital for Christ’s body to stand up and proclaim Truth, and to point out the deception our enemy uses to dupe the masses. But, can we find a better way?

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