going home

We just got back from about a week long trip for graduations and receptions and to visit some missionary friends who are staying in IA til their new baby has his passport. Scott and Kelly and baby Nathaniel are doing well (despite the laryngitis and pink eye) as they prepare for a few last visits with family and supporters, then the return to their language and literacy work in Papua New Guinea. We had a good visit. Scott was a very good friend growing up (as well as LuAnn’s cousin) and it was great to see them again before they take off.

It was also great to see the graduating students from my former ministry. These kids were just starting in Jr. High when I started in Auburn. One of the girls was baptized on our first Sunday there – you could just see her head popping up over the edge of the baptistry, now she’s flipping her tassel. It was humbling to see how they’ve grown and how God continues to work in their lives. I had promised them when I came here that I’d come back for graduation this year. I had enough barbeque sandwiches to last for a really long time (at least ’til next year’s receptions). Lots of late nights piled together and topped off with an overnight drive to get back, though… I’m tired.

Even if it was 4:00 in the morning, it was a great feeling to come back from our trip to our house instead of the apartment. Just felt more like coming home. It’s a funny thing we have with this idea of home… When we first went to Auburn, I definitely felt like a stranger in a strange land, but it became home – those people became family. And now, a new home is developing for us here in Scottsbluff. Our family is expanding.

Kind of reminds me of scripture talking about being foreigners. We have a better home. We’re on our Way there now. And the family we’re bringing with us should keep expanding…

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